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The penis bioplasty aims to increase the thickness of the penis, also giving a more elongated appearance, depending on each case.
It is not a filling technique like others, and requires a perfectly developed experience and technique.

We are the first BIOPLASTIA center that performed this technique in Madrid, and our experience is more than 20 years, from the inventor of Bioplasty, Professor Nácul, from Brazil.

Dense, long-lasting hyaluronic acids are used.
It is a safe, with non-allergenic material with a duration of about one year.

Although there are permanent materials to do it, we do not advise them as initial treatment, because it is preferable that the patient initially test the result with resorbable materials, to be absolutely sure and undoubtedly that this is the desired result.

An initial session, and a retouching should be held the month of that session.
The treatment is completely painless, since a minimal amount of local anesthetic is applied to the skin of the base of the penis, (in its union with the pubis), and numbs the entire area to be treated.

After the session, there is no residual pain, nor should you rest, that is, you can continue your usual activities. It is advisable not to have sexual activity until after 72 hours.

The consultation is free of charge, by appointment, and without further commitment.

It is advisable to examine it, and to evaluate your case in particular, and at that time you are made the personalized budget, because each person requires different volumes of filling material, and that marks much the differences of the budget.

If you have any doubts, you can send us an inquiry through the consultation form of this web page, or call to request an evaluation consultation, which is free of charge.

To ensure your complete discretion, please, when calling us:
"Appointment for Dr. Licitra for information on body fillings"

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