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Our Medical Center attends cases of family medicine, general and internal medicine. Patients can consult with Dr. Licitra general topics

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Study and diagnosis of diseases

Metabolism and endocrine diseases
Immunodeficiency diseases
Follow-up of patients with anticoagulant treatments

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Repair and treatment of facial sequelae

Sequelae of paralysis
Dermatological sequelae of burns
Acne dermatological sequelae

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Removal of cutaneous lumps

Elimination and treatment of cysts, nodules and lipomas warts
Benign neoplasms of the skin and cholesteatomas
Removal of facial and body warts without sequelae
* New Plasma Equipment Unbranded Frequency

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Treatment of Alopecia

Assess causes and reasons for alopecia to diagnose the type and treatment of alopecia.

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Acne Treatment

Assess the active or inactive phase of acne for further treatment.

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Study of varicose veins

It is necessary to analyze if they can be treated and eliminated easily or requires vascular surgery.

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